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PP Dispo Pipette

PP Dispo Pipette made of polypropylene is characterized by high resistance to chemicals and solvents and a low cost.
A wider range of applications!


PP Dispo Pipette is less expensive because of polypropylene, compared with dispo pipette made of polystyrene or glass.
*After autoclaving this product, we CANNOT guarantee scale accuracy.

High safety

PP Dispo Pipette is resistant to damage.

Chemical resistance for PP

Best chemical resistance

Can be used for various purposes.

Short length

Easy to handle on a clean bench ensuring efficient operation.
- 5 mL Length 197 mm
(With adaptor length 220 mm)
- 10 mL Length 216 mm
(With adaptor length 239 mm)

Dedicated adapter for PP Dispo Pipette
(provided with a built-in filter, made of PP)

dedicated adapter

When using the “PP Dispo Pipette”, please make sure to install a dedicated adapter(filter built-in/PP) on the pipette nozzle before use.

It can be use to one has Electric Pipette.
short scale how to use
Cat. No. Item Unit
1653-005 5mL PP Dispo Pipette
with Dedicated adapter (1piece)
100pieces × 5bags
1653-010 10mL PP Dispo Pipette
with Dedicated adapter (1piece)
100pieces × 5bags
1653-AD5 Dedicated adapter for 5mL PP Dispo Pipette 1piece
1653-AD10 Dedicated adapter for 10mL PP Dispo Pipette 1piece

Please pay attention to handling of chemicals and solvents.
We will not take any responsibility for accident due to incorrect usage of operator's carelessness.


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