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Tube Racks
ECO Rack
-Ecology and economy.
-Made of 100% polypropylene recycled products.
-96-well rack for 1.5/2.0ml, one size larger than 80 well rack.
-Writing space available on the side of the rack.
ECO Rack

96well rack carrying two oblique 48well plates.

18mm pitch well interval. Multichannel pipette that installs the tip by skipping by one channel can be used.

The bottom of each well is
shaped to stabilize the tube.

Cat. No. Item Color Dimensions(mm) Case
1521-902W ECO rack, 96well White 78x241x28 50pcs.
1521-902B ECO rack, 96well Blue 78x241x28 50pcs.
1521-902Y ECO rack, 96well Yellow 78x241x28 50pcs.
1521-902BL ECO rack, 96well Black 78x241x28 50pcs.

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