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Pipette Tips
1200μL Extra-Long
1200μl Extra-Long
Pipette tip compatibility
Watson NEXTY 100-1000μL/1000μL(F)
Eppendorf Reference/Research V 100-1000μL
Gilson Pipetman P-1000
Finnpipette Digital 100-1000μL
Biohit Proline 100-1000μL
Nichiryo Nichipet EX 100-1000μL
A&D MPA-1200
Adjustment table


1200μl Extra-Long
1200μl #805 Extra-Long
There is no worry of the
contamination completely
to prevent from the
contact with the pipette
nozzle because an extra
long tip of 130mm in the
total length reaches to
the bottom of the 15mL
and 50mL centrifuging

When using
the 1200S tip.


Cat. No. Item Packaging   Unit Case
124-1200S 1200μL, Extra-Long,
Graduated, Filter Tip
System Rack(PC)


96tipsX10racks 5units
126-1200S 1200μL, Extra-Long,
Graduated, Filter Tip
Refill Plated


96tipsX10plates 5units

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