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Pipette Tips
200μl #801 Long
200μl #801 Long
Pipette tip compatibility
Watson NEXTY 20-200ul(M)/200ul(F)
Eppendorf Reference/ResearchV 50(20)-200ul
Gilson Pipetman P-200
Finnpipette Digital 20-200ul
Biohit Proline 20-200ul
Nichiryo Nichipet EX 20-200ul
A&D MPA-200
Adjustment table


200μl #801 Long
It is convenient for the use of 5ml test tube etc.
of Φ12x75mm so that it is length of 89mm in
the total length.

200μl #801 Long

When using
the 801CS tip.


Cat. No. Item Packaging   Unit Case
1252-801CS 200ul, Long,
Graduated, Filter Tip
System Rack(PC)


96tipsX10racks 5units
1272-801CS 200ul, Long,
Graduated, Filter Tip
Refill Plated


96tipsX10plates 5units

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