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PCR Relates
8strip PCR Tube / Cap
Side wall is molded uniformly thin, which enables PCR with superior heat exchange.
Each strip can be cut off by scissors etc. Virgin polypropylene is used (autoclavable).

8 strip PCR Tube (with cap)

Each tube has a cap connected to it.
The cap has high sealing property and prevents contamination and evaporation of your sample.


Flat top cap is writable.


Cat. No. Item Unit Case
137-231C 0.2ml 8strip PCR Tube, Flat-cap 120strips 40units
137-232C 0.2ml 8strip PCR Tube, Dome-cap 120strips 40units

8 strip PCR Tube / Cap



The flat top, smooth and superior in optical transparency,
is the most suitable for Real Time PCR.


Tubes are chained with double link to prevent the link from breaking apart.
Alphabets are molded on the side.

Cat. No. Item Unit Case
137-333C 0.2ml 8strip PCR Tube 120strips 40units
137-431C 8strip PCRtube Cap, Flat-cap 120strips 40units
137-432C 8strip PCRtube Cap, Dome-cap 120strips 40units

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