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Pipette Tips

Pipette Tips
Complete discharge of liquid - nothing remains
207,705,706,806 series

Super-thin formed tip points make it possible to discharge liquid completely.

To avoid contamination...
Filter Tips/Hyper Filter Tips

Filter Tips are recommended. There is no overflow and concerns of contamination!

Long/ Extra Long Size
Long Tips/ Extra Long Tips

Extra long tips enable to touch the bottom of tubes and centrifuge tubes.

Large bore Tips
Edgeless Large Bore Tips

Edgeless large bore tips are well suited for pipetting of mouse embryo, nematode, glycerol and retinal cell, which are difficult to handle with small bore tips.


Watson Tip System

Tough & extremely durable

The body and lid, made of polycarbonate(PC), does not lose its shape over time use. It can also be autoclaved repetitively.

Low cost and high chemical resistant

The body and lid, made of Polypropylene(PP) is lightweight, durable, and highly resistant to chemicals and heat. Because of its inexpensive cost compared with System Rack (PC), this System Rack(PP) can be disposed as one time use if used with non-sterilized long tip, or can be reused even after autoclaving if tips are manually refilled.
Note: The rack made of PP shrinks slightly after autoclaving, consequently refill plate cannot be used.

RNase/DNase/HumanDNA Free Mark
Nuclease-free certificate

This mark shows RNase/DNase/Human-DNA free. Products with this mark are manufactured in the cleanroom under our high quality control, and inspected to meet our strict quality standards. RNase/DNase-free certificates can be issued for each lot upon your request.

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Replacement Plates
Easy, Handy, and Eco-Friendly

One-touch replacement for the System Rack. The paper cover can be recycled.
Note: Use a PC (polycarbonate) rack when refilling tips.

Remove the old plate.

Place the new plate. Remove paper skirt.

Refilling tips is complete.

Replacement Plates

Stacked replacement plates for System Rack, which is space-saving.
Note: Use a PC (polycarbonate) rack when refilling tips.

Lift a plate from Stack Rack with the lid of system rack.

Place it into an empty System Rack.

Refilling tip is complete.


Full Product line for users convenience



Long type overall length is 50mm. Even though it is long enough to reach for the bottom of 1.5μL micro-tubes, pipette nozzle doesn't touch the bottom. It is contamination-free product.

#204 Short#207 Long



705 series, have extremely thin tip points because of our super-thin forming technology which was developed to completely release liquid without any liquid remaining.


250μL / 300μL

250ul / 300ul

The overall length of 801 long type tip is 89mm, and it is useful when using 5μL test tube, φ12 x 75mm.

250μL #801 Long 300μL #505

1000μL / 1200μL

1000ul / 1200ul

These thin wall & soft fitting type tips release liquid without any remaining liquid in the tip, and extra-long type tips, are contamination-free.

1000μL #706 1000μL #707 Long
1000μL #804 Long 1000μL #806 Long
1200μL #805 Extra-Long

Edgeless Large Bore Tips

Edgeless Large Bore Tips

These large bore tips are idealy suited to pipette mouse embryos, hydra, nematode, glycerol, and retinal cells, which are hard to handle with small bore tips.

Edgeless Large Bore Tips

Macro tips

Macro tips

5mL large volume pipette tips

5000μL #401


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