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The NEWEST product in the NEXTY series


Superior durability!
Although we call this a Fixed Volume Pipettor,
the volume setting can be adjusted.*
A truly high cost-performance unit !
High cost performance

Using a specialized tool*, the volume can be customized
to the specific level needed.
※The specialized tool for volume changes
is sold separately.

Easy Push Button
■Mushroom-shaped push button

Mushroom-shaped push button is designed to repetitive stress on the thumb.

■Eject button

The unique design of our ejector button provides for easy and comfortable ejecting and dispensing.

Light weight yet high durable

This unit is made from a tough and durable material but it is still lightweight !

■Smooth & Steady stroke

Our Nexty pipettors have passed the Half Million stroke test. Our NEW spring system and PBT internal plunger (which is highly resistant to chemicals and samples) means these units always have a smooth and precise stroke.

Rapid Cleaning

Nose-cone and ejector can easily be removed for cleaning.They are also autoclavable.

■Nose cone

The unique design of our nozzle lock system, makes it easy to remove and replace the nose-cone. This locking mechanism also reduces fitting errors and helps to maintain the accuracy of the unit.


One-touch ejector operation Easy maintenance.


The Nexty Fixed Volume Pipettor
Product lineup

6 models based upon customer's demand.
■Using a specialized tool*, the volume can be customized to the specific level needed.

*The specialized tool for volume changes is sold separately.


For instructions for use of this tool click here

Cat. No. Item Volume Accuracy Precision Compatible tip models

fixed volume pipettor 10ul

10ul ≦±1.0% ≦0.5% 204/207

fixed volume pipettor 20ul

20ul ≦±1.0% ≦0.5% 703/705

fixed volume pipettor 100ul

100ul ≦±0.8% ≦0.3% 703/705

fixed volume pipettor 200ul

200ul ≦±0.8% ≦0.3% 703/705

fixed volume pipettor 1000ul

1000ul ≦±0.8% ≦0.3% 706/804

fixed volume pipettor 5000ul

5000ul ≦±0.8% ≦0.3% 401

Made in Japan - Reliability and Quality

Every aspect of the NEXTY pipettor is manufactured in our
factory in Japan. From the production of parts, to the final assembly and calibration it is all done inhouse. We also have
a calibration, repair and maintenance facility inhouse.

Strict Quality Control

Quality inspection of every unit is performed in a dedicated controlled environment according to ISO8655 standards.

1 Year Guarantee

NEXTY pipettors have 1 year guarantee from the date of purchase. Accuracy inspection report is available upon your request.

NEXTY Single Channel Pipettor
NEXTY Multi Channel Pipettor

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