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NEXTY Multi Channel Pipettor


The Nexty MultiChannel Pipettor has a Turbo Dial
for triple speed volume setting,

as well as a multitude of other features.

■Each of the 8 channels has independent suspension to insure accurate tip insertion.
8 Multi Suspension System

The nose cone on each channel is equipped with independent suspension to help apply equal pressure and reduce tip fitting errors.

■Short, compact design for easy handling
■Made of tough and durable materials
■Ergonomically designed to fit in your hand comfortably
The 8 Multi Channel Pipettor comes
in two models:

NT-810 is for volumes
from 1 to 10μl,
NT-8200 is for volumes
from 20 to 200μl.

Cat. No. Item Minimal scale Volume Accuracy Precision Compatible tip Cat. No.

8 Multi Channel pipettor 1~10ul

0.01ul 1ul ≦±8.0% ≦5.0% 204/207/201
10ul ≦±2.0% ≦1.0%

8 Multi Channel pipettor 20~200ul

0.1ul 20ul ≦±8.0% ≦1.0% 705/703/503
200ul ≦±1.0% ≦0.5%

Each pipettor is calibrated with a certain tip.(NT-810 is calibrated with 207 tip, and NT-8200 is done with 705 tip. To insure measurement accuracy we recommend using the appropriate Watson tips.


Made in Japan - Reliability and Quality

Every aspect of the NEXTY pipettor is manufactured in our
factory in Japan. From the production of parts, to the final assembly and calibration it is all done inhouse. We also have
a calibration, repair and maintenance facility inhouse.

Strict Quality Control

Quality inspection of every unit is performed in a dedicated controlled environment according to ISO8655 standards.

1 Year Guarantee

NEXTY pipettors have 1 year guarantee from the date of purchase. Every unit ships with an accuracy inspection report (unique to each serial number) and a product warranty.

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