Production System

Clean Room

Watson products are used in life science research for testing biological substances such as DNA. To prevent contamination of products by factory workers, clean rooms have been set up in the factory, and manufacturing lines have been automated to maintain a high level of cleanliness.

To manufacture RNase-free / DNase-free / Human-DNA-free products, the molding machines are housed in a cleanroom maintained at a high cleanliness level of class 100,000.
The cleanroom allows entry only to trained staff and is strictly controlled.
In the second factory, additional class 10,000 rooms are available, enabling production at an even higher level of cleanliness.

Automated Production Equipment

With a primary focus on consistently delivering high-quality products, we have automated most of our manufacturing lines and achieved a highly sophisticated environment.

Key Production Facilities

Injection molding machine

Model Number Manufacturer Number of Units
J55AD-30H Nippon Steel 1 unit
J85AD-60H Nippon Steel 2 units
J110AD-110H Nippon Steel 3 units
J110AD-60H Nippon Steel 4 units
J140AD-110H Nippon Steel 1 unit
J140AD-180H Nippon Steel 1 unit
J180AD-300H Nippon Steel 1 unit
Si-50Ⅲ Toyo Machinery & Metal 1 unit
Si-80Ⅱ Toyo Machinery & Metal 2 units
Si-100Ⅵ Toyo Machinery & Metal 2 units
Si-130Ⅲ Toyo Machinery & Metal 1 unit
Si-130Ⅳ Toyo Machinery & Metal 1 unit
Si-130Ⅵ Toyo Machinery & Metal 1 unit
α-50C FANUC 2 units
α-S50iA FANUC 1 unit
α-S100iA FANUC 6 units
S-2000i 100A FANUC 2 units
S-2000i 100B FANUC 2 units
HSP100A Sodick 1 unit
HSP60A Sodick 1 unit

Vertical Injection Molding Machine

Model Number Manufacturer Number of Units
ET-40VR Toyo Machinery & Metal 1 unit
HC03VRE Sodick 1 unit

Automatic Machine

Machine name Number of Units
Automatic Tip Setting Machine 7 units
Automatic Alignment and Packing Machine 3 units
Automatic Capping Machine 2 units
Automatic O-Ring Insertion Machine 1 unit
Automatic Assembly Inspection Machine 1 unit
Automatic Bagging Machine 5 units
Automatic Filter Insertion Machine 3 units

Processing Machine

Model Number Manufacturer Number of Units
Precision 3-Axis Machining Center YASDA YBM 950V Ver.Ⅲ 1 unit
Universal Lathe 1 unit
Universal Radial Drill Press 1 unit
Universal Surface Grinding Machine 1 unit
Universal Milling Machine 1 unit
Surface Modification Equipment 2 units

Clean Room

Cleanliness level Number of rooms
Class 10,000(ISO class 7) Two rooms
Class 100,000(ISO class 8) Five rooms

Wrapping machine

Machine name Number of Units
Vertical Pillow Packaging Machine 1 unit
Horizontal Pillow Individual Packaging Machine 2 units
Deep-Drawing Individual Packaging Machine 1 unit

Qualified Plastic Molding Technicians

To ensure better product manufacturing, it is essential to have excellent facilities and machinery, but equally important is the presence of skilled operators to maintain and manage them. At Fukae-kasei, we prioritize employee training with this in mind.
Employees involved in molding operations take the national exam for Plastic Molding Skills Certification, with successful candidates being produced every year.
Additionally, we actively organize training sessions for the operation of newly introduced machinery, fostering a united effort across the company to strive for better product manufacturing.