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Slide & Chamber

High image clarity due to the glass-made slide

Extra usability and low cost are achieved
by the combination of the glass-made slide
for clear microscopic image and PP-made chamber.
No adhesive is used to cause contamination and
this product releases you from stress.

Design Concept

Low Cost
Reasonable price is achieved through the best selection of materials.

Individual Sterilization
Packaged in easy-to-open blister pack and sterilized individually.

Robust Gasket
Robust gasket is used to prevent leakage and contamination.

No Adhesive Used
Parts are assembled without use of adhesives, eliminating risk of eluent caused by the reaction between adhesives and the sample.

PP-made Chamber
Chemical resistant chamber made of polypropylene.


Line up

Culture Area
70 ㎜2/ well

Culture Area
170 ㎜2/ well

Culture Area
400 ㎜2/ well


User Instruction DOWNLOAD

Slide & Chamber

Cat. No. Item   Unit Case
192-008 8-well Slide & Chamber sterilized 10 pieces 25 units
192-004 4-well Slide & Chamber sterilized 10 pieces 25 units
192-002 2-well Slide & Chamber sterilized 10 pieces 25 units


1.Dispense a sample into wells, place the cover on it, incubate, and immunostain.

incubate and immunostain

3.Remove the chamber from
the slide glass.

remove the chamber

2.Remove the hook after immunostaining.

remove the hook

4.Prepare separately a cover glass (24 mm x 55 mm) and seal the sample.

seal the sample

Glass enhances clarity!

The slide is made of glass and microscopic images are very clear.



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