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Hyper Filter Tips / Standard Filter Tips

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Hyper filter tip - Seals tightly everytime !

Hyper filter prevents liquid overflow

Watson's "Hyper-Filter tip" adopts a special hydrophobic porous filter to prevent overflow caused by human errors.

Features of Hyper-Filter
1.Decreasing elution from the filter

Hyper-Filter has excellent chemical resistance, thus the sample which has been erroneously over-aspirated and touched the filter can be re-used in safety.

2.Stop sample overflow and contamination

In a comparison of Watson's Hyper-Filter Tips with other brands(when aspirating 60 µL with 20 µL filter tip), Watson brand Hyper-Filter tip completely prevents the sample overflow due to our highly dense filter in one minute after the solution has been absorbed.

3.Easy sample collection

The sample can be collected after aspirating the sample right up to the filter and dispensing.
The particles of filter do not swell with the solution and block the filter.


Hyper-Filter can stop the liquid firmly but don't close the hole completely when it comes into contact with the sample excessively aspirated.

Hyper-Filter is dense enough to prevent overflow, however maintains the holes in the filter.

Conventional Hyper Filter

Conventional Hyper Filter particles, once the sample touched the filter, expand and block in the holes of the filter to prevent overflow.
These samples cannot be collected once dispensed.


Hyper Filter Tips
10 µL Short10 µL Long
20 µL

10µL / 20µL

Small volume Hyper Filter Tips are available as both short and long type.

Hyper Filter Tips

100 µL200 µL200 µL Long

100µL / 200µL

The overall length of 100 µL and 200 µL normal type tips is 53 mm. The 200 µL long type tip (graduated) is 89 mm.

Hyper Filter Tips
1000 µL1200 µL

1000µL / 1200µL

-1000 µL
long type tips are
80 mm (overall length)
-1200 µL
extra long type tips are 130 mm

Hyper Filter Tips top

Standard Filter Tips

A large variety of standard type tips

Standard Filter Tips
10 µL Short #20410 µL Long #207
20 µL

10µL / 20µL

Watson offers everything from short to long type tips.

Standard Filter Tips
100 µL
200 µL #703200 µL200 µL Long #801

100µL / 200µL

Long type tips are 89 mm (overall length) and are long enough for use in test tubes.

Standard Filter Tips
1000 µL1200 µL

1000µL / 1200µL

Extra long type tips with an overall length of 130 mm will reach the bottom of a 15 mL and 50 mL centrifuge tube. No risk of contamination.

Standard Filter Tips
5000 µL


Large volume macro filter tips.

Hyper Filter Tips topStandard Filter Tips top

Watson Tip System

Tough & extremely durable

The body and lid, made of polycarbonate (PC), does not lose its shape over time use. It can also be autoclaved repetitively.
Note: Repeated autoclaving may cause rack damaged.

Low cost and high chemical resistant

The body and lid, made of Polypropylene (PP) is lightweight, durable, and highly resistant to chemicals and heat. Because of its inexpensive cost compared with System Rack (PC), this System Rack (PP) can be disposed as one time use if used with non-sterilized long tip, or can be reused even after autoclaving if tips are manually refilled.
Note: The rack made of PP shrinks slightly after autoclaving, consequently refill plate cannot be used.

RNase/DNase/HumanDNA Free Mark
Nuclease-free guarantee

This mark shows RNase/DNase/Human-DNA free. Products with this mark are manufactured in the cleanroom under our high quality control, and inspected to meet our strict quality standards. RNase/DNase-free guarantees can be issued for each lot upon your request.

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Replacement Plates
Easy, Handy, and Eco-Friendly

One-touch replacement for the System Rack. The paper cover can be recycled.
Note: Use a PC (polycarbonate) rack when refilling tips.

Remove the old plate.

Place the new plate. Remove paper skirt.

Refilling tips is complete.

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