NEXTY Series

The unique mechanism that can adjust the capacity three times faster is popular.

Pipette Tips

Pipette Tips

Ultra Thin-wall molding ensures complete dispensing and fits naturally to the pipettes.

Hyper Filter Tips

Hyper Filtered Tips

Hyper Filter Tips protect the pipette from the risk of aerosol-borne, DNA, etc. contamination. No liquid will pass.

Standard Filter Tips

Standard Filtered Tips

Universal sterilized low-cost standard filter tips.

Repetitive Pipette "Peggy"

Repetitive Pipette Peggy

No need fo battery nor recharging. Easy and handy Manual Repetitive Pipette.

Screwcap Tubes

Screw Cap Tubes

0.5 mL - 2.0 mL Screw Cap Tubes with O-ring or O-ringless now are available.
High-sealing is available on both lineup.

【O-ring less】
   0.5 mL
   1.5 mL
   2.0 mL
【with O-ring】
   0.5 mL
   1.5 mL
   2.0 mL
Screwcap Opener

Rack, Stand


Racks that can be selected according to the application.

ECO Rack
Piccolo Rack
PCR Tube Rack
Micro Tube Rack
Centrifuge Tube Rack
Cryotube Box

Cell Culture Products

Cell Culture Products

These products don't include coating materials or adhesive.

Cell Culture Plates
Spheroid Catch
Slide & Chamber



It is the plate which is usable for various cells, the culture of the microbe and every experiment, inspection.

Microplates (Chimney-well)
Microplates (Flat top)
Edgeless 384-well Plate

Loops, Needles


Disposable inoculation loops and needles made of polystyrene. Flat shaft whick provides comfortable and soft-touch.

Disposable Serological Pipettes

Disposable Pipette

Experience high precision graduation achieved by our injection molding technology.

Dispo Pipette
PP Dispo Pipette



New Reservoir developed in pursuiant of usability.

Cell Counter Plate

Cell Counter Plate

Disposable blood cell counting chamber from precision metal mode by microfabrication technology.

Cell Counter Plate
Microscale Slide

Preservation Plates

Preservation Plate

Nucleic acid, blood and microbial strains can be dry preserved on a paper chip.

Preservation Plates
Microbial Preservation

Plasma Filter

Plasma Filter

Separating plasma from whole blood quickly without centrifuge.

Plasma Filter
    for recovery of microRNA



"Leuko Filter" traps leukocytes specifically!

    for removal of Leukocyte

Sterilized Scoop/Spoon

Sterilized Scoop

Doubled individually Packaged is best for using at clean room.

Sterilized Scoop/Spoon

Downloadable Leafle (A4 or A3 size)


Downloadable Leafle (letter size)

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