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Piccolo Rack
It is mini tube rack for 24 tubes.
The tube is made of the polycarbonate, and autoclavable.
The liquid nitrogen (vapor phase) and the deep freezer preservation are also possible.
Piccolo Rack
1. The bottom of the tube is seen well while set up because the rack is transparent.
  It is possible to use by putting the crash ice in the rack.
2. The cap can be opened and closed by one hand for fitting the rib of the tube because
  the notch (part of the burr) has adhered to each well of the piccolo rack for the screw tube.
3. "thin out" multichannel pipet that installs the chip skipping one channel
  because the well interval is 18 mm pitch can be used.
Piccolo Rack
Cat. No. Item Dimensions(mm) unit Case
1522-2451 Piccolo Rack,
for 24 screwcap micro tubes, Clear
115 x 80 x 50 10 pieces 5 units
1522-2453 Piccolo Rack,
for 24 snap-cap micro tubes, Clear
115 x 80 x 50 10 pieces 5 units


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