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Plasma Sparation Device Plasma Filter

For recovery of microRNA.

Separating plasma from whole blood quickly without cetrifuge.

■ For simple screening of cancer examination by microRNA.

■ For transporting microRNA with room temparature.

■ Applicable for circulating DNA.

Cat. No. Item Packaging
176-600C Plasma Filter 5 pieces/bag



The study of microRNA preservation on cancer patients
before / after medical treatment

The graph shows the tumor-specific microRNA expression, which measured by ΔΔCT method. The serum value after medical treatment is set as 1.
The expression of microRNA which value was high before treatment decreased after.
The same result was observed by the serum in the cellulose membrane of Plasma Filter.

Note: The study was supported andproceeded by “The Stragetgic Core Technology Advancement Program” programmed by Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2011. (Jointed with Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine and OurGenic Co., Ltd.)

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