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Pipetting Reservoir made of PP 20 mL

NEW Reservoir developed
in pursuiant of usability.

NEW " Liquid Sweeper" has realized comfortable pipetting, developed focusing on usability and a feature includes the thought-through angle for gathering a liquid efficiently.


Liquid Sweeper

Liquid Sweeper

8-grooves, a very unique feature called "Liquid Sweeper", transfer a liquid drop from the top of the tip quickly.

Drop-on Cover

Drop-on Cover

Special cover, you can simply put it on the reservoir to prevent dusts or contamination.
(Packaged only in sterilized product.)
*The cover does not have a sealing property.


■ The most suitable angle
   for tip touch



The calculated slope angle gathers a liquid without wasting.

■ Autoclavable

*minor deformation may occur due to thermal contraction, but it does not affect usage.

■ Maximum volume of 50 mL

■ Wide size in order to afford up
   to 12-ch pipette

■ Convenient


■ Easy-to-wash
   round corners


Cat. No. Item   Unit Case
1790-050-30 Pipetting Reservoir, 20 mL, Bulk   30 pieces 10 units
1791-050-S Pipetting Reservoir, 20 mL, with Lid,
individual package
sterilized 10 pieces 5 units
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