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Tube Accessories

Homogenizer Pestles

Special pestles for Watson brand microcentrifuge-tubes

Made of Polypropylene.(Autoclavable)

  • for 131-815C
  • 131-8155C
Homogenizer pestles
  • for 131-715C
  • 131-7155C
Homogenizer pestles Homogenizer pestles

Pestles can be attached to bit-type screw drivers on the market.

Cat. No. Item Unit Case
173-01R Pestles for Flat-Bottom Micro Tube, Red 10 pieces 100 bags
173-02Y Pestles for Round-Bottom Micro Tube, Yellow 10 pieces 100 bags

Cap Lock

CAP LOCK is designed to fit Watson brand microcentrifuge-tubes

Made of elastomer.(Autoclavable)

Cap Lock

caplock01 Squeeze the knob of CAP LOCK to open

caplock02 Pinch the closed lid with CAP LOCK

caplock03 Now, they fit perfectly

caplock04 The knob of CAP LOCK is useful when being taken up from thermostat bath

Cat. No. Item Unit Case
174-17Y Cap Lock for 1.5 / 2.0 mL Micro Tube, Yellow 100 pieces 30 bags
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