Introduction to Fukae-kasei Group Businesses

Group Control and Management

KIMURA Holdings Co., Ltd.

KIMURA Holdings Co., Ltd. is a company that oversees the group companies of the Fukae-kasei Group and handles administrative tasks such as personnel, accounting, and general affairs.

Sale of Life Science Experimental Equipment

Watson Co., Ltd.

Watson Co., Ltd. serves as the sales channel for products from various companies within the Fukae-kasei Group. While primarily selling life science experimental equipment brands such as WATSON and MS Technos products, the company also leverages the equipment and technology from group companies to provide OEM and ODM development cooperation for life science research devices and other plastic products.

Plastic Injection Molding

Fukae-kasei Co., Ltd.

Fukae-kasei Co., Ltd. is the core company responsible for product development and manufacturing within the Fukae-kasei Group. Fukae-kasei Co., Ltd. also takes the lead in technical cooperation through OEM and ODM. Their technical expertise shapes the needs and seeds of life science research into tangible products.

Mold Manufacturing

Kyowa Seimitsu Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

Kyowa Seimitsu Seisakusho Co., Ltd. is a company that develops molds for producing a range of products through plastic injection molding, which is the mainstay of the Fukae-kasei Group. Completing mold design and manufacturing within the group brings significant benefits to customers, particularly in terms of confidentiality of product specifications and development speed, especially for OEM and ODM.

Reagent Manufacturing

BIO NANOtech’s Co., Ltd.

BIO NANOtech’s Co., Ltd. is a reagent manufacturing company that produces reagent products under the WATSON brand. BIO NANOtech’s Co., Ltd. has enabled the Fukae-kasei Group to offer both consumables and reagents.

Automated Dispensing Devices Manufacturing


MS TECHNOS Corp. is a company that develops and manufactures automatic dispensing devices. In order to provide dispensing equipment that can meet larger-scale research needs, the Fukae-kasei Group welcomed MS TECHNOS Corp. into the group and entered the automatic dispensing device industry.

Sales of Life Science Experimental Equipment in the United States


WATSON Bio Lab USA is the local subsidiary responsible for the sales of the Watson brand in the United States.

Restaurant Business

Chinese Garden Restaurant Shinki

Chinese Garden Restaurant Shinki is an employee cafeteria that is also open to the general public. Guests can enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine prepared by renowned chefs from China. Its luxurious atmosphere, which is unexpected for a cafeteria within an industrial park, has earned it praise such as being ‘like a stylish hidden gem’ and ‘ideal for entertaining guests,’ attracting many repeat customers.