The DNA of our manufacturing journey, which began with the production of small plastic tips, has grown to encompass the creation of ‘molds,’ ‘reagents,’ and ‘automated dispensing devices.’
Now, Watson is challenging the evolution of laboratory equipment with the organizational strength of the Fukae-kasei Group.
For a Fruitful Future in Life Sciences Research.

Watson Co., Ltd.

Fukae-kasei Group

In 2023, the Fukae-kasei Group, comprising Watson Co., Ltd. and Fukae-kasei Co., Ltd., expanded BIO NANOtech’s Co., Ltd. as a group company for reagent manufacturing, significantly expanding the lineup of life science experimental products.
Furthermore, Kyowa Seimitsu Seisakusho Co., Ltd. and MS TECHNOS Corp. joined the group, strengthening the mold manufacturing and automated dispensing devices manufacturing departments. This enhancement has led to a remarkable improvement in our ability to meet customer needs for custom-made product development and OEM/ODM services.
We are introducing the Fukae-kasei Group, which continues to grow as a group of solution-oriented companies supporting cutting-edge life science research through manufacturing.