Work-Life Balance

Implementing “Action Declaration from ‘Me'”

Fukae-kasei Co., Ltd. has made an “Action Declaration from ‘Me'” as implemented by Hyogo Prefecture. Fukae-kasei Co., Ltd. will continue to strive for a work environment where all employees can fully demonstrate their abilities by achieving work-life balance.

Gender Equality

– Certified as a “Hyogo-Kobe Women’s Empowerment Promotion Company (Mimosa Company)” –

Fukae-kasei Co., Ltd. has been recognized as a “Hyogo-Kobe Women’s Empowerment Promotion Company (Mimosa Company),” a newly established system to promote women’s active participation in local businesses.

Industrial Waste Reduction

– Efforts to Reduce Waste –

Fukae-kasei Group have been actively working to reduce waste at our company.
However, due to stringent internal quality standards, when defects occur, products produced on the same line during the same period cannot be shipped as regular products from a quality assurance perspective. Therefore, even if only one defect occurs, for example, out of one million units, we had no choice but to dispose of the remaining 999,999 units of good products.We believe that discarding large quantities of quality products must be avoided from an environmental standpoint. Therefore, we have established a system whereby products that cannot be offered as regular products due to the presence of a small number of defects are positioned as “outlet products” and put to effective use.

Fukae-kasei Co., Ltd. has been registered for the “Hyogo Industrial SDGs Promotion Declaration Project” for small and medium-sized enterprises aimed at achieving SDGs [12. Ensure sustainable production and consumption patterns].