“Create what doesn’t exist.” Combining Life Science Expertise with Plastic Molding Expertise: Comprehensive Development Strength Leveraging the Features of Watson, Fukae-kasei, and Kyowa Seimitsu Seisakusho.

We accept joint development through OEM/ODM.

Watson Co., Ltd. has accumulated a track record in the field of life sciences research of meeting the needs and seeds of our customers, as well as expanding sales channels. In addition to this, by combining the expertise of Fukae-kasei Co., Ltd., which excels in plastic molding and product development as a group company, and the expertise of Kyowa Seimitsu Seisakusho Co., Ltd., specializing in mold manufacturing, we are confident that we can offer unparalleled development cooperation in the field of life sciences experimentation equipment. In OEM/ODM, we provide tailored mold design according to the application, specifications and manufacturing techniques geared towards mass production, cost reduction, as well as proposals for packaging and sales channels. As a member of your team, we are here to assist you, so please feel free to consult with us at any time.

We also have abundant achievements in industry-academia collaboration. We can also provide support for cutting-edge research devices.

We connect practical plastic product manufacturing technology and chemical expertise related to the performance of plastics with life science research conducted by universities and public research institutions. Through this collaboration, we commercialize the needs and seeds of scientific technology into products.

Customized Product Examples

Pipette Tips

Test Tubes


Micro Injection Molding Technology

Advanced Research Devices

We can provide customized solutions for products such as pipette tips, microcentrifuge tubes, and microplates. For example, we can manufacture pipette tips that are compatible with your company’s automated dispensing equipment. In order to reduce costs, it may be possible to make adjustments by keeping the outer surface the same shape as others while only changing the inner shape. Please consult with us once regarding changes such as altering the length of the tip.

We also offer OEM products. If the quantity is sufficient, we believe we can provide proposals that are satisfactory both in terms of price and performance. For these custom-made products intended for mass production, shape confirmation can be conducted during the prototyping stage.

Custom Order Details

The response to your order is as follows

  • Planning and development of plastic molded products: We will create shapes that meet your specifications and requirements. Additionally, even if it’s just an idea, we will work closely with you as a member of your team.
  • Cost Reduction for Existing Products: We will review existing products and provide more efficient options.
  • Plasticization of Non-Resin Products: By converting glass or metal products into plastic, we aim to improve handling and reduce costs.
  • Regarding Sizes: We excel in handling small items. In particular, we pride ourselves on our micro injection molding technology, which we believe is unmatched by others. We also manufacture medium to large-sized items, so please feel free to consult with us.
  • Regarding Shapes: We will finish the product in the shape you desire. Additionally, due to the characteristics of molding, if it is impossible to achieve your request, we will propose alternative methods.
  • Regarding Materials: When it comes to plastics, please let us take on the challenge! While we specialize in polypropylene, we can also work with biodegradable resins and engineering plastics.

Custom Order Process


Shorten Development Time with Pre-Mold Shape Confirmation

From design in 3D-CAD to shape confirmation with a 3D printer, it takes as short as 1 day to 2 weeks. We have established a production system that significantly shortens the period from design to product development, aiding in the concretization of designs.

  • STEP1

    Designing drawings with 3D CAD

    Skilled operators create product drawings using 3D CAD.

  • STEP2

    Shaping with a 3D printer

    The 3D printer shapes the drawings created in 3D CAD using special resin. *We own multiple models of 3D printers and regularly replace older models, so the model in the photo may differ.

  • STEP3

    Shape Confirmation

    The 3D printer faithfully shapes the objects drawn in the drawings. *This consultation is limited to cases assuming mass production.

Development power expanding with a variety of mold technologies from the group factory “Kyowa Seimitsu Seisakusho Co., Ltd.,” which is well-versed in molds.

We have established a system where mold design and manufacturing can also be carried out by our group company, Kyowa Seimitsu Seisakusho Co., Ltd..

The company manufactures numerous lens molds with mirror surface processing of fine shapes without polishing, achieving precision of 0.001mm or less (nanolevel). Additionally, they specialize in universal molds as well as so-called special molds, such as weldless molds, heat & cool molds for improving design transfer rates, film molds, and high-difficulty molds, continuously providing high-value-added products. Thanks to the synergy with our group company, Fukae Chemical, which excels in manufacturing life science devices through injection molding of fine shapes, we have achieved even more advanced product development.

Main Special Mold Technologies

Molds (lens molds, light guide rod molds, reflector molds, etc.) with nano-precision machining

Heat & cool molds

Film insert molds

in-mold molds

thermoject molds

Intake manifold resinification

The integration of full 3D automated design to 3D machining system.

Cost reduction through molds.

We combine customer-specified cavity and core parts with the base parts of our owned molds. This enables us to shorten mold production lead times, reduce mold production costs, and validate performance before mass production.

The molding and post-processing expertise held by Fukae-kasei Co., Ltd.

  • Plastic Injection Molding Technology.

    Our plastic injection molding technology has been honed to achieve ‘thinner,’ ‘smaller,’ and ‘smoother.’ Equipped with high-quality technology to meet customer demands and facilities ensuring stable production, we promise to deliver.

  • Micro Injection Molding Technology.

    We have established micro injection molding technology using plastic injection molding. We have made it possible to achieve micro shapes that were previously considered impossible with conventional injection molding, without the need for laser processing or post-processing; everything is achieved solely through injection molding.

  • Plastic Surface Modification Technology.

    Our plastic surface modification technology is completely different from conventional adhesives or thermal bonding. It operates at the molecular level, altering the properties of the bonding surfaces themselves, eliminating concerns about shape deformation or leaching of substances contained in adhesives.

Product Development Achievements

  • We have achievements of shaping needs and seeds into reality.

    Watson has been gathering feedback from customers through sales and feeding it back into development and manufacturing, collectively shaping seeds and needs into reality. We would like to introduce some of the products we have released so far. We hope they can serve as inspiration for your company’s product development. We eagerly await discussing technical cooperation with you at the start of your development.


Please feel free to contact us here for inquiries regarding custom orders, development, technology, or OEM.