Our Injection Molding Technique on Plastic

Our Injection Molding Technique on Plastic

Our Plastic Injection Molding Technology

Our products are laboratory supplies for the life sciences field, aimed at research on microorganisms, cells, DNA, and other areas. Therefore, they are delicately and precisely designed to handle minute samples, ensuring cleanliness by preventing foreign particle contamination and adhesion. Additionally, we offer products that are resistant to extreme temperatures, such as freezing in liquid nitrogen or autoclaving at 121°C. Furthermore, we provide products developed based on knowledge of substances leaching from containers when solutions containing oil or alcohol are used. Moreover, we have developed products that control the surface of the scaffolds on the bottom of containers, playing an important role in cell adhesion during cell culture, through surface modification technology. These products are built on our proprietary technology and expertise and can be beneficial to your company’s product development.

About Design

We are well-versed in various mold processing methods and molding conditions, enabling us to achieve fine precision molding that has been considered impossible with plastics until now. Additionally, we plan for mass production from the prototype stage, ensuring that there are no situations where prototypes can be produced but mass production cannot.

In particular, in the field of micro injection molding, we achieve high dimensional accuracy, surface smoothness, glass-like transparency, and excellent liquid repellency properties through the application of techniques derived from fine metalworking and the use of special diamond polishing processes in mold making. Many products in advanced research benefit from these qualities, and we take pride in our top-notch technology. Moreover, our molds, designed by us, have received praise for their extended lifespan, lasting up to 20 years compared to the conventional 10 years, despite the fact that traditional molds only lasted 10 years. We strive to create products that, despite appearing similar at first glance, demonstrate a difference in cost-effectiveness and usability when actually used, by leveraging unique technologies (know-how) that other companies cannot imitate.

Realizing Nuclease-Free through Rigorous Quality Management System

We have achieved nuclease-free production for the first time as a Japanese manufacturer. We manufacture under strict standards in clean production facilities with our proprietary rigorous quality control system.


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