Micro Pipettes / Dispensers

Various types of instruments are available for accurately pipetting reagents and culture media. These include volume-variable types equipped with a high-speed capacity setting dial, autoclavable types, fixed-volume types, repetitive pipetting types, and economical simple types. The volume-variable type allows easy volume adjustment by using a high-speed dial according to the experiment or application, enabling swift operation. On the other hand, fixed-volume types are suitable for consistently pipetting specific amounts, and repetitive pipetting types are useful for cases requiring repeated pipetting. Inexpensive simple types would be the best choice for first-time users or temporary use. This autoclavable models can be autoclaved along with the main body, effectively preventing contamination.

Pipette Tips

Pipette tips are disposable components attached to the tip of a micropipette. These are used to hold and transfer aspirated liquid samples. These tips are available not only in bulk packaging (packed in bags) but also in the form of "system racks" (pre-loaded into racks for ease of use). "Pre-sterilized system racks" are designed with consideration for contamination prevention. This ready-to-use product enables users to use them whenever they want. Additionally, products such as "replacement plates" and "stack racks" are available separately for easy replenishment of pipette tips for these system racks, offering further convenience through combination use.

Filter Tips

Filter tips are used similarly to pipette tips, attaching to a micropipette for use. They contain an embedded filter inside, preventing contamination of the micropipette body due to over-aspiration from operator errors or aerosols drawn in, which could contaminate other samples. Especially recommended are the fine-pore Hyper Filter types, which provide more reliable prevention against contamination. Since Filter tips are the same tips as pipette tips, empty racks in system racks can also be used interchangeably.

Disposable Pipettes

Watson's Disposable Pipettes, also known as serological pipettes, are suitable for dispensing volumes in the range of a few milliliters. They are designed to be attached to electronic pipettors for use. Available in both polystyrene and polypropylene, polystyrene version is transparent, sterile, nuclease-free, and pyrogen-free. The polypropylene version is resistant to acids, alkalis, and solvents, offering excellent cost performance.

Centrifuge Tubes / Test Tubes

The tubes offer a wide range of capacities from 0.5 mL to 50 mL. In addition to a special lineup including light-shielding types and low protein adsorption types, even general-purpose types have features in the bottom shape and cap specifications. Particularly recommended are O-ringless screwcap tubes, conical tubes, and cryo tubes, which achieve high air-tightness at a low cost without using O-rings. Additionally, the caps of microtubes can be chosen for their snug fit depending on users' preference.

PCR-related Products

PCR tubes and PCR plates are thin and evenly molded, effectively transferring heat from the thermal cycler to the samples without unevenness. Our PCR plates are compatible with leading manufacturers' PCR, real-time PCR, and sequencers, ensuring reliable experimental results.

Preservation Plates

These plates are designed for the storage of various bioresources such as microbes, blood, and nucleic acids. By storing them in a dried state on fibrous membranes, they are easy to handle and can be stored at room temperature for extended periods.
Since they are in plate form and do not take up much space, they can be easily sent by mail in envelopes. Additionally, storing them as backups by filing them on shelves can help mitigate risks such as sample loss due to power outages when freezers stop working.

Cell Counter / Microscale Slide

This is a plastic disposable slide suitable for visual measurements under an optical microscope. It's more affordable and less prone to breakage compared to glass slides, enhancing ease of use and safety in laboratories and medical settings.
Utilizing plastic micro-molding technology, the grid lines are formed in a groove-like manner and the surface is smoothed, promoting natural dispersion of specimen cells without hindering their movement. This helps avoid questionable experimental results such as cells aligning along the grid lines and enables more accurate cell counting.

Products for Blood Research

In the category of blood research products, we have gathered a range of products deeply involved in blood research, including our proprietary plasma filter for separating plasma components from whole blood, cell counting plates (hemocytometer), disposable pipettes (serological pipettes), and more.
For the convenient long-term preservation of blood components at room temperature, you can find preservation plates in the preservation plates category.

Cell Culture Related Product

One distinctive feature of cell culture plates is the availability of adhesive cell plates with surface treatments to serve as scaffolds for cell attachment on the bottom of the wells.
We have achieved more stable quality by forming scaffolds using plastic surface modification technology.
In addition, in the category of cell culture-related products, we introduce useful products for cell culture, such as "Spheroid Catch" for filtering only grown spheroids in combination with 50 mL conical tubes, and "Slide & Chamber" for directly observing and fluorescently treating cells cultured on glass slides.

Test Plates

Microplates allow for rapid and efficient data acquisition under the same conditions due to the arrangement of multiple wells. Ranging from 6 wells to 96 wells, they are suitable for a wide range of research fields, from culturing microorganisms and suspended cells to measurement by plate readers and screening.
Characterized by meticulous attention to usability, they feature thoughtful design elements throughout.

Racks / Stands / Cases

We introduce various racks, stands, and case products designed for researchers and experimenters. A variety of racks are available, including tube racks and storage racks for freezing.
In particular, each product has its own unique features, such as designs that prevent tubes from rotating and allow easy opening and closing of lids with one hand, as well as products with well spacing tailored to the pitch for "Loading alternately with and without pipette tips" with a multi-pipette. Additionally, we offer floater-type products that can be used in constant temperature baths, accommodating the diversity of experimental environments.


Here are some other product categories. Loops and needles are used for collecting and inoculating fungi. Pipetting reservoirs are convenient for handling reagents with multi-pipettes. Additionally, sterilized scoops and spoons are double-packaged products designed to prevent contamination when entering clean environments like sterile rooms.


MS Technos is a specialized Japanese brand in automatic dispensing equipment.
We offer a variety of dispensing devices, including "96/384-channel simultaneous automatic dispensers" suitable for applications in drug discovery, genomics, cell studies, clinical testing, and various other areas within the life sciences field.
Our product lineup also includes "1/8/12/16/24-channel automatic dispensing dilution devices," "auto-droppers," "stackers," and more.

To make the most of plastic laboratory supplies

Plastic laboratory supplies can exhibit various properties by carefully selecting raw materials, making them widely used across different fields. However, on the flip side, the incorporation of multiple additives to impart specific properties can potentially lead to leaching or chemical reactions depending on the combination with samples or reagents. As a result, unexpected background noise or other anomalies may be reflected in the data.
At our company, we carefully select materials for each product while considering the intended usage scenarios, aiming to create products that prioritize convenience and safety in each scenario. However, due to the reasons mentioned above, there is a possibility of noise generation in the test data depending on the contents of samples users using.
Therefore, we recommend conducting a blank measurement prior to using plastic products for analysis and measurements, to control and evaluate any effects.
We have detailed data available for each product, so please contact our sales representative for more information.