Microscale Slide (Objective Micrometer)

Smoother scale lines on Microscale Slide made of plastic.

The scale line with the accurate linearity that equals with the one made of glass slide has been achieved.
It is possible to put the sample directly on the Microscale when observing with the microscope. because it is reasonable rather than the traditional glass slide.
Note : Please replace with a new slide after using
several times and if it is hard to see due to dirt
and scratch.
size: W 76 mm x D 26 mm x H 2 mm

Smooth and clear high-precision scale

The high-transparency polystyrene Watson microscale achieves a high level of accuracy comparable to glass, along with excellent linearity and readability.

There are three patterns of high-precision scales on one plate.

(SEM photograph)

①5㎜ / 50

②5㎜ / 100

③1㎜ / 100

Material: polystyrene

Cat. No.ItemUnit
177-401CMicroscale Slide10 plates

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