Micro Pipettes/Dispensers

Single Channel Pipette NEXTY-S

Effortless, light strokes and an easily grippable slim body.

・Triple-Speed Turbo Dial
・Thin type Push-button
・Lock Lever
・Digital Indicator
・Autoclavable Bottom Parts

Multi Channel Pipettes NEXTY-S

A lightweight model with multi-channel capabilities. Effortless usability for enduring comfort.

・Triple-Speed Turbo Dial
・Thin type Push Button
・Lock Lever
・Digital Indicator
・8 channel multi-suspension system

Autoclavable Pipettes NEXTY-A

Entire unit autoclavable. Stay clean and confident with whole-unit sterilization anytime.

・Entire unit autoclavable.
・Triple-Speed Turbo Dial
・Mushroom-shaped Push Button
・Lock Lever
・Digital Indicator

Fixed Volume Pipettes NEXTY-F

Customizable to your preferred volume.
With the “Volume Change Tool Kit” (sold separately), set your desired volume in advance and use it as a fixed pipette with your personalized volume.

・ Mushroom-shaped Push Button
・ Color-coded
・ Autoclavable Bottom Parts

Volume Change Tool Kit

This is a kit for resetting the volume of NEXTY Fixed Volume Pipettes to your desired setting, enabling them to be used as fixed pipettes with a customized volume.

• Efficiently streamline repetitive dispensing tasks by alternating between variable pipettes.
• Set to optimal volumes for experiments, reducing errors in volume settings.
• Reduce disposal costs of pipettes due to contamination.

NEXTY Pipette Carrousel Stand

A pipette carousel stand designed for the NEXTY series, combining functionality and design.

• Easy to hold
• Easy to hang
• Smooth rotation
• Compact

Compact Variable Pipette with 3 Volumes “Petit-Pet”

Can be set to three volumes in one. A compact and affordable simple-type pipette.

• Adjustable capacity with three volume options
• Compact and easy to carry around
• Affordable price

Repetitive Pipette “Peggy”

No batteries, no charging required. Continuous dispensing by bulk aspiration, with dispensing in required amounts.

• Aspiration Volume Setting Dial
• Dispensing Volume Setting Dial
• Flexible Nozzle Angle
• Easy Maintenance