NEXTY Fixed Volume Pipettes

Customizable for Any Special Volume. NEXTY’s Fixed Volume Pipette.

Fixed Pipettor for Special Volumes※

For delicate research and inspections which require accurate repetitive dispensation An exclusive fixed volume pipetter will be a solution.

【Do you have such troubles and failures ?】

  • I want to dispense the same amount accurately in my daily work, but I’m concerned that when using a variable pipettor for various tasks, the volume changes slightly every time I adjust the dial.
  • There would not be suitable volume you want to use.(For example, when you are supposed to make 200µL diluted reagent for an analytic devices by diluting 10µL original reagent with 190µL solution.)
  • The volume deviated without noticing it during the work.

NEXTY fixed volume pipette will be a solution.

Because the equal volume adjustment mechanism as the variable pipette is built in, You can customize your original fixed volume pipette. ※Once you customize it, you just take it when you need it.

※ You can change the volume by yourself using the Volume Change Tool Kit (NT-FVC). However, please be aware that if you do it yourself, the warranty will be invalidated because it is necessary for you to remove the lid of the body and disassemble it. Additionally, separate preparations such as an electronic balance with accuracy corresponding to the set volume will be required.

  • ※Please refer to the video which instructs how to customize the capacity.

Product Features

Easy-to-press button

■Mushroom-shaped Push-button

A unique design that reduces the burden on the thumb.

■Eject Button

It’s designed to be unobtrusive during pipetting work and easy to push when disposing of the tip. Lightweight yet highly durable We adopt sturdy and durable materials, ensuring moderate lightweightness.

Rapid Cleaning

The nozzle cone and ejector cone are easily removable, making cleaning easy and allowing for autoclaving.

■Nozzle Cone

The unique design of our nozzle lock system, makes it easy to remove and replace the nozzle cone. This locking mechanism also reduces fitting errors and helps to maintain the accuracy of the unit.

■Ejector Cone

It can be attached and detached with one touch, making maintenance easy.

Lightweight yet highly durable

We adopt sturdy and durable materials, ensuring moderate lightweightness.

■Smooth & Steady stroke

Thanks to the design of the spring mechanism, it has passed 500,000 stroke tests. The internal plunger, made of highly chemical-resistant PBT resin, experiences minimal sample adhesion and solidification, ensuring smooth strokes for a long time.

We do not offer repair services for NEXTY fixed volume pipettes.

Product Lineup

Initial settings include a lineup of commonly used volumes! Fixed Volume Pipettes – 6 types in total

Customize with the Volume Change Tool Kit

You can use the separately sold Volume Change Kit to use it as a fixed pipettor for any volume. It’s convenient to use it as a dedicated pipettor for repeatedly dispensing the same volume

Cat. No.ItemVolume
Initial setting
(Var. Range)
(Init. Setting)
At max capacity
(At min capacity)
Compatible tip modelsUnit
Fixed Volume Pipette
10 µL
204/2071 unit
Fixed Volume Pipette
20 µL
703/7051 unit
Fixed Volume Pipette
100 µL
703/7051 unit
Fixed Volume Pipette
200 µL
207/204/2011 unit
Fixed Volume Pipette
1000 µL
703/7051 unit
NT-F5000NEXTY-F5000 Fixed Volume Pipette 5000 µL5000µL
706/8041 unit
NT-FVCVolume Change Tool Kit4011 unit
NT-STDNEXTY Pipette Carrousel Stand1 unit

Made in Japan – Reliability and Quality

Every aspect of the NEXTY pipette is manufactured in our factory in Japan. From the production of parts to the final assembly and calibration, everything is done within our group’s Japanese companies. We also have calibration, repair, and maintenance facilities.

Strict Quality Control

Quality inspection of every unit is performed in a dedicated controlled environment.

1 Year Guarantee

NEXTY pipettes have 1 year guarantee from the date of purchase.
Every unit ships with an accuracy inspection report (unique to each serial number) and a product warranty.

Product Inquiry

※We also accept inquiries for mass production development of custom shapes, such as OEM and ODM, for plastic products.