NEXTY-S Multi Channel Pipettes

point 1

Triple-Speed Turbo Dial

1 rotation of triple-speed turbo dial is equal to 3.5 rotations of the push-button dial.
Easy handling operation with only one hand.
Very convenient when making large volume changes.

point 2

Thin type Push-button

With this easy-to-handle design, users are less likely to get tired.
The extremely light stroke reduces thumb fatigue, allowing long-term usage with no consequences.
The capacity fine adjustment per minimum scale unit (1/1000) is achieved using this push-button as a dial.

Product Features

Lock Lever

Locks the rotation of the push button and turbo dial to prevent deviation in volume setting during operation.

Eject Button

It’s designed to be unobtrusive during pipetting work and easy to push when disposing of the tip.


In the NEXTY series, the color of the push button is determined according to the volume, allowing users to easily identify the volume of the micropipette at a glance.

Degital Indicator

 The three-digit numerical display on top and the one-digit scale display below make it easy to read and set the volume.
You can adjust the volume in increments of 1/1000 of the maximum capacity.


Quick, Slim, Light! The 8 multi channel pipette designed for ultimate ease of use.

8 Channel Multi-suspension System

All 8-channel nozzle cones are equipped with independent suspension, allowing each nozzle to move independently! The even load distribution reduces the risk of pipette tip detachment.

To facilitate quick and comfortable installation of the tips.

The NEXTY 8-channel multichannel pipette is equipped with a multi-suspension system in the tip installation area. This structure can absorb excess additional force during installation, thereby reducing installation errors.

Forcefully Striking Operation

When forcefully moved up and down during installation, the multi-suspension function may not be fully effective, resulting in inadequate transmission of force.

Gently Pressing Operation

Properly, apply pressure evenly by gently pressing the entire unit so that force is transmitted to each individual tip. The multi-suspension function allows for the absorption of tray rack flexion as well.

Clever Innovations for the Plate!

The plate also features innovations to assist with tip loading. The central 4 rows are designed to be higher than the side rows, aiding in the attachment of tips in the central area where force transmission can be challenging in 8-channel pipettes.Target: Plates Compatible with 204C, 207C, and 705C

You can choose according to your application

Multi Channel
All four types

Cat. No.ItemMinimal scaleVolumeAccuracyPrecisionCompatible tipUnit
8 Multi Channel Pipette
1~10 µL
  • 1µL
  • 10µL
  • ±8.0%
  • ±2.0%
  • ≦5.0%
  • ≦1.0%
204/2071 unit
8 Multi Channel Pipette
  • 10µL
  • 100µL
  • ±3.0%
  • ±1.0%
  • ≦2.0%
  • ≦0.5.%
1 unit
8 Multi Channel Pipette
20~200 µL
  • 20µL
  • 200µL
  • ±3.0%
  • ±1.0%
  • ≦1.0%
  • ≦0.5%
1 unit
8 Multi Channel Pipette
50~300 µL
  • 50µL
  • 300µL
  • ±3.0%
  • ±0.6%
  • ≦1.0%
  • ≦0.3%
5051 unit
NT-STDNEXTY Pipette Carrousel Stand1 unit

※Each pipettor undergoes calibration using chips indicated in bold. For other compatible chips, slight discrepancies may occur compared to the performance indicated in the inspection certificate.

Made in Japan – Reliability and Quality

Every aspect of the NEXTY pipette is manufactured in our factory in Japan. From the production of parts to the final assembly and calibration, everything is done within our group’s Japanese companies. We also have calibration, repair, and maintenance facilities.

Strict Quality Control

Quality inspection of every unit is performed in a dedicated controlled environment.

1 Year Guarantee

NEXTY pipettes have 1 year guarantee from the date of purchase.
Every unit ships with an accuracy inspection report (unique to each serial number) and a product warranty.

Product Inquiry

※We also accept inquiries for mass production development of custom shapes, such as OEM and ODM, for plastic products.