Compact pipette variable with 3 volumes “PETIT-PET”

Can be set to three volumes in one. A compact and affordable simple-type pipette.

point 1

The Wide Range of Volumes Unique to Variable Capacity

By combining the three volume settings on each pipette, it is possible to accommodate a wide range of volumes with a minimal number of suction and dispensing operations.

Ex.)Able to select aspiration volume out of
  10µL, 15µL, 25µL (PETIT-PET-25)
  ・10 µL×2 times=20 µL
  ・25 µL×2 times=50 µL

point 2

Compact and easy to carry around

■ Able to use (PETIT-PET) outside of your lab instead of your lab’s pipette.

■ Suitable for field research.

Ex.)For collecting bacteria, fungi, etc., from soil mixtures.

point 3

As a reasonably priced disposable pipette

■ It is suitable for applications where precise volume settings are not required.
■ Due to its low cost, it can be disposed of as needed and used without concern for contamination.
Ex.) For collecting patient blood from a test tube.
  For collecting patient urine from a urine cup.

※This product does not have a blowout mechanism, but there is a method to perform blowout. Please watch the video below for more information.


Cat. No.ItemCompatible tipUnit
PETIT-PET-25Three volume variable ease pipette “PETIT-PET”204/20710pieces
PETIT-PET-250Three volume variable ease pipette “PETIT-PET”705/703/505/80110pieces
PETIT-PET-1000Three volume variable ease pipette “PETIT-PET”706/804/806/80510pieces
PETIT-PET-5000Three volume variable ease pipette “PETIT-PET”40110pieces

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