Preservation Plates

These plates are designed for the storage of various bioresources such as microbes, blood, and nucleic acids. By storing them in a dried state on fibrous membranes, they are easy to handle and can be stored at room temperature for extended periods. Since they are in plate form and do not take up much space, they can be easily sent by mail in envelopes. Additionally, storing them as backups by filing them on shelves can help mitigate risks such as sample loss due to power outages when freezers stop working.

Microbial Preservation Plats (General Bacteria / Fungi)

Microbial strains such as E.coli and yeast can be dry-preserved on a paper chip coated with a preservation agent. Samples can be sealed individually with an accessory protection seal to prevent contamination and inactivation. This enables compact and efficient preservation at room temperature – it is no longer necessary to use deep freeze or dry ice for transportation.

Individually sterilized 96-well / 3-well / 1-well for Bacteria/ for Fungi

Preservation Plats (Nucleic Acid / Blood)

Preservation Plate (PVP) has been developed in order to enable storage and transportation of such bioresources as nucleic acids (DNA / RNA / oligonucleotide) and blood under room temperature and pressure. Simply place such samples onto paper chips, then dry, the preservation is completed.

96-well / 3-well / 1-well Cellulose / Nylon