PCR Tube Racks

Transparent and light-shielding cases available

This can accommodate 96 single tubes of 0.1 mL and 0.2 mL PCR.
It can be stored at -80°C and autoclaved.
There is also a light-blocking type, which is ideal for storing light-sensitive samples.

Body and lid: made of polycarbonate (light-blocking type made of polypropylene).
Plate: made of polypropylene.

Cat. No.Itemsize (mm)Unit
1512-952PCR Tube Rack (PC) for 96 tubes, BlueW118×D82×H4010 pieces
1512-952BLPCR Tube Rack (PP) for 96 tubes, Black for ShadingW118×D82×H4010 pieces

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