The Message from the Chairman of Fukae-kasei Group and CEO of Watson Co., Ltd.

In the midst of rapid and profound changes, it’s crucial for us to cultivate a keen sensitivity to what is demanded and to possess the foresight to anticipate the future.

In 1988, our company began developing life science products starting with pipette tips using plastic injection molding. This capability has been accumulated through conducting planning, design, and manufacturing all in-house facilities in Japan, and now has grown to meet the needs of cutting-edge research.

Subsequently, to meet the demands of product development in the medical field, we obtained ISO 13485 certification, established WATSON Bio Lab USA in the United States to expand overseas sales, strengthened our ability to respond to needs through the expansion of our mold manufacturing department, entered the reagent market and automated dispensing devices market, and ventured into the e-commerce market, among other forward-looking initiatives. We are committed to improving customer satisfaction by vigorously pursuing these strategies without relent.

In the future, we will continue to focus not only on the domestic life sciences field but also on medical products that support the health of people worldwide, delivering the trusted quality cultivated in Japan to everyone around the world.

We will continue to strive to become a renowned company that contributes to society with a forward-looking perspective and leaves a lasting legacy.

Chairman of Fukae-kasei Group
CEO of Watson Co., Ltd.

Shoichi Kimura