Products for Blood Research

In the category of blood research products, we have gathered a range of products deeply involved in blood research, including our proprietary plasma filter for separating plasma components from whole blood, cell counting plates (hemocytometer), disposable pipettes (serological pipettes), and more. For the convenient long-term preservation of blood components at room temperature, you can find preservation plates in the preservation plates category.

Plasma Separation Device “Plasma Filter”

For recovery of microRNA.
Separating plasma from whole blood quickly without cetrifuge.
For simple screening of cancer examination by microRNA.
For transporting microRNA with room temparature.
Applicable for circulating DNA.

Disposable Serological Pipettes “Dispo Pipette”

High precision scale realized by our injection molding technology.
・RNase / DNase / Human-DNA Free
・High precision scales
・2 kinds of scales
・Short length

Disposable Cell Counting Plates (Hemocytometers)

This is a disposable plastic hemocytometer. Cost-saving as 4 times per plate. Better grid linearity & smoothness, and lower cost compared with glass plate. Easy to count due to clear visibility. Plastic cover film is originally set on the plate. All plastic construction makes disposal convenient. 4 Grid patterns are available for choice: Neubauer Improved / Burker-Turk / Thoma / Fuchs Rosenthal

Comes with a dedicated plastic case.