Disposable Cell Counting Plates (Hemocytometers)

Disposable Cell Counting Plate (4 grid)

Cost-saving as 4 times per plate.
Better grid linearity & smoothness, and lower cost compared with glass plate. Easy to count due to clear visibility.
Plastic cover film is originally set on the plate.
All plastic construction makes disposal convenient.
Plate size: W 76 mm × D 26 mm × H 2.2 mm

Groove-Like Grid Lines Formation

The grid lines are engraved in a groove-like manner, similar to glass, so cells are less likely to get caught.
The linearity and smoothness of the grid are superior to glass, making it easier to see even the smallest details.

■ WATSON (Grid lines are in the groove form)

■ Other Companies (Grid lines are convex)

■ Glass (Grid lines are rough)

4 Grid patterns are available for choice

Neubauer Improved



Fuchs Rosenthal

The plastic case prevents damage and stores cell counters safely and cleanly.

Cat. No.ItemUnit
177-112CDisposable Cell Counting Plate,
Improved Neubauer Type
10 plates
177-212CDisposable Cell Counting Plate,
Burker-Turk Type
10 plates
177-312CDisposable Cell Counting Plate,
Thoma Type
10 plates
177-512CDisposable Cell Counting Plate,
Fuchs Rosenthal Type
10 plates

How to use

The set plastic cover provides easy handling

The plastic cover is originally set on the plate and it helps to reduce fluctuation of cell count caused by operator’s skill.
Since it’s all plastic, including the cover glass, there’s no need for sorting, and it can be disposed of all together.
A single-use type that requires no cleaning operation.
It’s also effective as a biohazard precaution.
The accuracy of the grid has been confirmed by electron microscopy, and the height of the chamber is carefully checked during manufacturing.

1. Pipette 6 µL of a sample(12 µL only for Fuchs Rosenthal)into inlet.

※When injecting samples, please insert the tip of the pipette into the gap. If it’s difficult to inject, pipetting several times may help.

2. Set a Cell Counter Plate on microscope and leave it for 2 – 3 minutes.
3. Count cells.
4. Calculate using a specified formula.

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