Cell Aggregate Recovery Device “Spheroid Catch”

Trap spheroids simply by filtration!

Size : Max Diameter 30㎜ × 40㎜ H
  • Rapidly screen spheroids that have been cultured in dish.
  • Recover only spheroids larger than 77 µm hole.
  • Only the mesh can be taken off, making it easy to disperse the recovered spheroids.
    Speeding up the passage culture process.

Material : Polypropylene (body)

Cat. No.ItemUnit
1884-110CSSpheroid Catch20 pieces

This product was jointly developed with the Nojima Laboratory in the Molecular Genetics Research Division (formerly) at Osaka University Institute of Microbial Diseases.
Papers Published in: E Fujibayashi et al. “Isolation of cancer cells with augmented spheroid-forming capability using a novel tool equipped with removable filter” Oncotarget. 2018 Sep 21; 9(74): 33931–33946.

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