Here are some other product categories. Loops and needles are used for collecting and inoculating fungi. Pipetting reservoirs are convenient for handling reagents with multi-pipettes. Additionally, sterilized scoops and spoons are double-packaged products designed to prevent contamination when entering clean environments like sterile rooms. Protect seals are special seals for sample management that can withstand a wide range of temperatures, from freezing to autoclaving, making them convenient.

Disposable Loops / Needles

These are disposable platinum loops made of PS resin. With a flat handle, they are easy to grip, providing a flexible application sensation. They are irradiation sterilized, ensuring no risk of bacterial dispersion during flaming.

PP Pipetting Reservoirs

For user convenience, we focused on the angle of the wall surface where liquid samples collect efficiently for comfortable pipetting. Made of polypropylene, it is autoclavable.

Sterilized Scoop / Spoon

It is convenient for sampling powders and semi-solid materials. With doubled individually packaging, it is ideal for use in cleanrooms. In addition to measurement by scale, it can be accurately measured by scraping off excess powder from the rim. It is self-standing, so there is no worry about spillage when placed on the floor.