Pipetting Reservoir made of PP 20 mL

Reservoir developed in pursuant of utmost usability.

For user convenience, we focused on the angle of the wall surface where liquid samples collect efficiently for comfortable pipetting.
Made of polypropylene, it is autoclavable.

Liquid Sweeper

8-grooves, a very unique feature called “Liquid Sweeper”, transfer a liquid drop from the top of the tip quickly.

Drop-on Lid

Special lid for the reservoir to prevent dust or contamination.
(Available only for sterilized type: 1791-050-S)
※Note: The lid does not have sealability.
size: W 117 mm × D 51 mm × H 6.2 mm

Drop-on Lid

Easy-to-wash round corners

The most suitable angle for tip touch

The calculated slope angle gathers a liquid almost without its dead volume.


※Note: Minor deformation may occur due to thermal contraction, but it does not affect usage.

Maximum volume up to 50 mL

Wide size to cover 12 ch pipette

Cat. No.ItemUnit
1790-050-30Pipetting Reservoir, 20 mL, Bulk30 pieces
1791-050-SPipetting Reservoir, 20 mL, with Lid, individual package10 pieces

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