user friendly and many convenient functions.

Autoclavable – Repeatedly

Designed for “durable” and “repeated autoclaving” due to polycarbonate used.
*Repeated autoclaving may cause rack damaged.

Stable Shape

Trapezoid shape allows tips to fit into the rack without holding the rack by hand.

Non-Slip Rubber Base

Removable elastomer rubber base* enhances stability.
(*Not autoclavable)

Water drain holes

4 drain holes on the bottom allows quick drying after autoclaving.

Hinged lid

The lid opens wide enough to access to the tips even with multi channel pipette.

One Touch Operation

Easy opening and closing the lid with one finger. The lid automatically locks when closed.

Color-selectable Lock Latch

Select from 3 color options* for easy identification.
(*3 pcs are originally included.)

Easy to Refill

Refill plates are avilable for easy and convenient replenishing tips.
*In case of setting the refill plate or stack rack except 123NT-755C, take the existing support post off before replenishing tips.


●Compatible refill plate and stack rack

[Pipette Tips]

  • 122-207C/CS
  • 122-204C/CS
  • 123NT-755C
  • 122-703C/CS
  • 122-503C/CS
  • 123-553C/CS
  • 122-505C/CS

[Filter Tips]

  • 127-10S
  • 127-10XS
  • 127-20S
  • 127-100S
  • 127-200S
  • 1272-207CS
  • 1271-204CS
  • 126-20S
  • 126-100S
  • 1272-703CS

●Compatible refill plate and stack rack

[Pipette Tips]

  • 122-502C/CS
  • 122-706C/CS
  • 122-804C/CS
  • 122-806C/C

[Filter Tips]

  • 127-1000S
  • 126-1000S

Rack and support post: Polycarbonate
Lock button: Polybutylene terephthalate
Rubber base: Elastomer

Cat. No.ItemUnitCase
1298-NTSNEXTY RACK size S1 piece40 units
1298-NTMNEXTY RACK size M1 piece20 units

Refill racks with a new plate for tips, a more hygenic and convenient solution than refilling the rack by hand (one tip at a time). Using the attached lids decreases the risk of contamination. Refill racks are environmentally friendly since they are made from recyclable paper.

Refill plate for NEXTY rack S size


200 µL
705 Series
Box size : W122 ㎜×D89.5 ㎜×H134 ㎜

Thin wall designed plate reduces waste compared to conventional product.

Place the Support Post* inside the NEXTY Rack(S size) before use.
(*Originally included)

Easy to refill tips.

Cat. No.ItemUnitCase
123NT-755CNEXTY Pack 200 µL96 tips × 5 plates × 10 stacks5 units

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