Low Retention Tips

Utilizing a unique blend of resin materials, combined with Watson’s high-precision molds and molding technology, these tips demonstrate superior water repellency.

By realizing a significant reduction in sample loss due to adhesion, our low retention tips enable reliable data acquisition in research settings where high precision and reproducibility are required.

Tips, Plates: Made of Polypropylene

Cat. No.ItemUnitCase
112-214CL10 µL Low-Retention Tips, Bulk1000 tips20 bags
121-214CLS10 µL Low-Retention Tips System Racks96 tips X 10 racks5 units
1298-204RAEmpty Rack for #20410 racks5 units

Tips, Plates: Made of Polypropylene

Cat. No.ItemUnitCase
112-715CL200 µL Low-Retention Tips, Bulk1000 tips10 bags
200 µL Low-Retention Tips System Racks
96 tips X 10 racks5 units
Empty Rack for #705 (PP)
10 racks5 units

Liquid Residue Test

■ Test Method

A volume of 200 µL was aspirated and then fully expelled into the same container, with the weight difference representing the amount of liquid remaining in the tip for comparison.

■ Test Results

Compared to the low retention tips of Company A, B, and C, the superiority has been confirmed.
Furthermore, when compared to the same type of Watson’s normal tips, a significant reduction in residual amount has been observed, indicating sufficient development of water repellency.

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