Freezer Storage Racks

Excellent storage racks in terms of its characteristics, heat-proof and crash-proof.
Conventional frozen preservation tube (to 2.0 mL) can be applied to and the plate can be piled up.
Number and alphabet for identification are marked to the partition.
Possible to store in the liquid nitrogen (vapor phase) and in the deep freezing condition.

Racks: Made of polycarobnate
Plates: Made of Polypropylene

Cat. No.Itemcolorsize (mm)UnitCase
1577-550WFreezer Storage Rack for 50 tubeswhiteW146×D76×H5510 pieces10 units
1577-550BFreezer Storage Rack for 50 tubesblueW146×D76×H5510 pieces10 units
1577-550GFreezer Storage Rack for 50 tubesgreenW146×D76×H5510 pieces10 units
1577-550RFreezer Storage Rack for 50 tubesredW146×D76×H5510 pieces10 units
1577-550YFreezer Storage Rack for 50 tubesyellowW146×D76×H5510 pieces10 units
1577-850WFreezer Storage Rack for 81 tubeswhiteW131×D131×H5210 pieces10 units
1577-850BFreezer Storage Rack for 81 tubesblueW131×D131×H5210 pieces10 units
1577-850GFreezer Storage Rack for 81 tubesgreenW131×D131×H5210 pieces10 units
1577-850RFreezer Storage Rack for 81 tubesredW131×D131×H5210 pieces10 units
1577-850YFreezer Storage Rack for 81 tubesyellowW131×D131×H5210 pieces10 units

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