Piccolo Rack

Mini tube rack for 24 tubes.
Autoclavable rack made of polycarbonate.
Possible to store in the liquid nitrogen (vapor phase) and the deep freezing condition.

Since it’s transparent, you can see the bottom of the tubes clearly while they’re standing. You can also use crushed ice inside the rack.

The notch (Knurled area) is made both on the body of the Watson Screwcap Tube and on each of well of the Piccolo Rack so that the Screwcap Tube is completely fixed. Thus, the cap of the Screwcap Tube can be easily opened and closed with one hand.

The well spacing is 18 mm pitch, which is the same spacing as when the tips are attached to the multi-channel pipette every other position.

Material: Polycarbonate

Cat. No.Itemsize (mm)Unit
1522-2451Piccolo Rack, for 24 Screwcap Tubes, ClearW118×D82×H5210 pieces
1522-2453Piccolo Rack, for 24 Snap-cap Microtubes, ClearW118×D82×H5210 pieces

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