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Titer Stick HC Film [Pressure-sensitive]

We use a newly developed optimized adhesive that changes its adhesion strength depending on the pressure applied when attaching the film. The more pressure you apply from above, the stronger the adhesion becomes, making it less likely for the film to peel off from the plate.
Thanks to its exceptional transparency, it can be used with a fluorescence reader even when attached to the plate, making it particularly ideal for real-time PCR. With resistance to DMSO solutions, it can also be adhered to compound storage well plates for use, and its high air tightness prevents the entry and exit of moisture and gas.

Size: 80 × 135 mm,

Heat resistance temperature: -80°C to 110°C

Titer Stick HC Film [Pressure-sensitive] plate size

It fits perfectly with the plate and can be used without interfering with the ‘bank’ part on the top surface. Equipped with easy-to-peel tabs.
Size: 80 × 122 mm,

Heat resistance temperature: -80°C to 110°C

Cat. No.ItemUnit
547-KTS-HCTiter Stick HC Film100 sheets
547-KTS-HCPTiter Stick HC Film plate size100 sheets

※The heat resistance temperature may vary depending on various conditions. We recommend confirming it with your samples.

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