Microcentrifuge Tube Related Products

Homogenizer Pestles

Special pestles for Watson brand microcentrifuge-tubes

Length: 90.0 ㎜

・For 131-815C

・For 131-715C

Pestles can be attached to bit-type screw drivers commercially available.

Material: Polypropylene (Autoclavable)

Cat. No.ItemUnit
173-01RHomogenizer Pestles for Flat-Bottom Microtube, Red10 pieces
173-02YHomogenizer Pestles for Round-Bottom Microtube, Yellow10 pieces

Cap Lock

CAP LOCK is designed to fit Watson brand microcentrifuge-tubes

Squeeze the knob of CAP LOCK to open

Pinch the closed lid of the tube with CAP LOCK

Then, CAP LOCK fits perfectly

The knob of CAP LOCK is useful when picking up from thermostat bath

Material: elastomer (Autoclavable)

Cat. No.ItemUnit
174-17YCap Lock for 1.5 mL / 2.0 mL Microtube, Yellow100

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