Cell Culture Related Product

One distinctive feature of cell culture plates is the availability of adhesive cell plates with surface treatments to serve as scaffolds for cell attachment on the bottom of the wells. We have achieved more stable quality by forming scaffolds using plastic surface modification technology. In addition, in the category of cell culture-related products, we introduce products useful for cell culture, such as “Spheroid Catch” for filtering only grown spheroids in combination with 50 mL conical tubes, and “Slide & Chamber” for directly observing and fluorescently treating cells cultured on glass slides.

Cell Aggregate Recovery Device “Spheroid Catch”

Recover large spheroids at once! ・ Rapidly screen spheroids that have been cultured in dish. ・ Recover only spheroids larger than 77 µm hole. ・ Only the mesh can be taken off, making it easy to disperse the recovered spheroids. Speeding up the passage culture process.

Cell Culture Plates

Enhanced Cell Culture Comfort with Versatile Features. Cell Adhesion Culture Plates with Enhanced Hydrophilicity and Adhesiveness of the Bottom Surface, Achieved by Plasma Surface Treatment.

RNase / DNase / Human-DNA Free Pyrogen-free 6-well / 12-well / 24-well / 48-well / 96-well Chimney-well / Flat-Top Flat-Bottom / Flat-Top Round-Bottom For adherent cell

Slide & Chamber

Made of glass slides, for crystal-clear imaging! Easy-to-use and affordable “Slide & Chamber” adopts pressure fitting with EPDM gaskets for the junction of chamber and slide, eliminating the need for adhesives. Prevents sample leakage and contamination. The slides are made of glass, achieving clear microscope images, while the chamber section is constructed of polypropylene, resistant to chemicals. Individually sterilized

8-well / 4-well /2-well

Nuclease-free guarantee

RNase/DNase/Human-DNA Free

This mark shows RNase/DNase/Human-DNA free. Products with this mark are manufactured in the clean room under our high quality control, and inspected to meet our strict quality standards. RNase/DNase-free guarantees can be issued for each lot upon your request.

Guaranteed pyrogen-free

Products bearing this mark, upon request, will be issued with a Pyrogen-Free Test Report, conducted by the following test method: [Endotoxin Test Method] Referencing the Japanese Pharmacopoeia, confirmation is made using the Endotoxin Test Chromogenic Method that the level is 0.05 EU/mL or below.