Hemocytometer / Objective Micrometer

This is a disposable plastic slide glass suitable for visual measurement under an optical microscope. Compared to glass, it is more affordable, less prone to breakage, and enhances ease of use and safety in laboratory and medical settings. Utilizing plastic micro-molding technology, the grid lines are formed in a groove-like manner and the surface is smoothed, promoting natural dispersion of specimen cells without hindering their movement. This helps avoid questionable experimental results such as cells aligning along the grid lines and enables more accurate cell counting.

Disposable Cell Counting Plates (Hemocytometers)

This is a disposable plastic hemocytometer. Cost-saving as 4 times per plate. Better grid linearity & smoothness, and lower cost compared with glass plate. Easy to count due to clear visibility. Plastic cover film is originally set on the plate. All plastic construction makes disposal convenient. 4 Grid patterns are available for choice: Neubauer Improved / Burker-Turk / Thoma / Fuchs Rosenthal

Comes with a dedicated plastic case.

Microscale Slide (Objective Micrometer)

“Microscale Slide” is an objective micrometer that achieves smoother scale lines than glass at a cost unique to plastic. Since it is inexpensive, it is also okay to directly place samples on top of Microscale Slide for microscopy. After several uses, if it becomes difficult to see due to dirt or scratches, please replace it with a new one. Objective micrometer no longer needs to be carefully stored in the drawer.